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New Building
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Move to New Building


1st week of August, 1998

The new building was finally on site, however it still required a ventilation fan, exhaust air damper, heating, lighting, AC outlets, wiring and power. The electrical panel, intake fan, exhaust air louvers, damper motor, and cooling thermostat were salvaged from the old building. Keith, VE6KOD and myself (Barry, VE6SBS) installed a ground system. Brian, VE6BCA, procured a new electric heater, interior fluorescent fixture and outside light and Lorne, VE6AWI, installed the electrical wiring. The above and a few others quickly made the new building ready for the repeater equipment.

Exhaust Air Damper Motor & Louvers and Air Intake Fan were installed in existing openings we modified to accommodate salvaged equipment.

Exterior exhaust air hood (left) was built by myself and made similar to
 the salvaged intake air hood (right)

Exhaust Air Grill and Trim

Cooling Fan Thermostat
and Intake Fan Filter

AC Electrical Panel
and Heating Thermostat
Keith, VE6KOD,
pondering where
and how to install
the batteries.

7/8" feed line building entrance
and ground wire connection.
Shelves built for
batteries and
battery charger
by Barry, VE6SBS,

Ground bar provided by Keith, VE6KOD.
Connections are to building ground rod,
tower ground field, antenna feed line
and building equipment.

August 8, 1998 - Move to the New Building

Loading of rack at VE6SBS QTH

Unloading of rack at new VE6NHB building



Rack installed and
operating in new building.

Barry, VE6SBS, installing feed line connector.
Keith - VE6KOD

( Left to Right )
Garrett VE6RKY
James VE6SRV
Barry VE6SBS
Keith VE6KOD
Barry VA6DX
(who was busy
taking this photo)

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